question.gif (1488 bytes) Our veneer has a lot of thick and thin spots in it. How does that affect the usefulness of the compression control?

answer.gif (454 bytes) We have yet to find a mill that has perfect veneer uniformity, most mills vary +/- .010" some better and some worse. The better you peel the more you will save, but all mills should find this process superior to single or "staged" pressing.

question.gif (1488 bytes) Our glue bond quality is very important to us. How does the compression controller affect glue bonds?

answer.gif (454 bytes) We have found that when the unit is set to the appropriate setting(s) for your press. The glue bond will not diminish.

question.gif (1488 bytes) Our glue rep. isn't excited about us wanting to use a compression control. Why is this?

answer.gif (454 bytes) Most glue reps. that have experience with our compression controls realize that if the unit(s) are set correctly, they are a tremendous asset to the mill they�re serving. If this is not the case please keep in mind that compression controls are designed for your benefit and to save you money.

question.gif (1488 bytes) Does the APA and/or Teco approve?

answer.gif (454 bytes) The APA and Teco have been aware of the Clouston Hot Press Compression Control for many years and though they cannot endorse any products they have approved its use.

question.gif (1488 bytes) How does the alarm work?

answer.gif (454 bytes) When the unit goes into �HOLDING� the least amount of movement of the bottom platen the better. You can program limits so that if it moves too much it will record how many times in either direction and the maximum amount in either direction it exceeded the limits. It displays the time and date when the counters were reset as well as solution to fixing the problem.